About Us


    Since 1920, the Pacific Transportation Association has been a robust voice for the Bay Area trade and transportation industry.

    Our purpose is to:

    • Cultivate harmonious and productive relationships between our members and other industry professionals through personal acquaintance and networking opportunities

    • Sponsor educational programs to encourage understanding and cooperation between shippers, carriers, and the communities we serve

    • Promote a vibrant maritime industry that strives to foster global trade, advance environmental stewardship, and increase prosperity for all

    • Support the education and training of a new generation of mariners and transportation professionals

    • Educate the public as to the importance of maintaining efficient and economical commercial transportation systems and services


    We host several educational and networking events each year to keep our members informed and connected.

    The PTA also supports local and national efforts to maintain and expand the San Francisco Bay Area’s role as a crossroads of global trade.

    And our philanthropic efforts help non-profit organizations in our industry, including the California Maritime Academy, and the Seamen’s Church Institute, which provides vital ministry, counseling, telephone, and mail services to international seafarers.