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    Sep 20

    Annual San Francisco Steamship Night

    Join 500+ of Your Colleagues at the Industry Networking Event of the Year

    Welcome to the Pacific Transportation Association!

    Read Logistics Management's coverage and American Shipper's coverage of our Ports and Terminals event on June 27, featuring the leaders of the Ports of Long Beach and Oakland. 

    For almost 100 years, the Pacific Transportation Association has been a robust voice for the Bay Area trade and transportation industry.

    Founded in San Francisco in 1920, the Pacific Transportation Association is the largest transportation association on the West Coast and remains one of the leading traffic clubs in the country.

    Our mission is to promote understanding and cooperation between carriers, shippers, and the communities we serve. PTA programs support a vibrant maritime industry to maintain vital transport services, train a new generation of mariners, advance environmental stewardship, and foster global trade.

    Please join us at the several educational and networking events we host each year to keep our members informed and connected.

    The PTA also supports local and national efforts to maintain and expand the San Francisco Bay Area’s role as a crossroads of global trade.

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